Dim Sum! A delicious find in Hong Kong

Dim Sum at Superstar Seafood Restaurant, Hong Kong

I’ve grown so complacent about dim sum. In the San Francisco Bay Area we are so spoiled. Good dim sum is a given. Great dim sum? After a time, it’s easy to forget what it is. I suppose I’ve taken for granted that all Har Gow (Shrimp dumplings) have a similar consistency and the difference between the dumpling shell is either mushy or really mushy and the shrimp is either whole or bits and pieces.

Superstar restaraunt has helped me put it all back into perspective with its incredible attention to execution.

This restaurant takes its cooking very seriously and when you order dim sum it doesn’t come out of a stack of a dozen bamboo steamers. I honestly think they must cook it to order, when ordered.

We started with deep fried shrimp with Thai style sauce. Not a regular dim sum, but a test of their “special” items. The shrimp arrived perfectly cooked, crisp to the bite, but incredibly tender and moist inside. The fried shell, fresh and flavorful, crispy outside, barely done inside. The sauce, flavorful, but not overpowering. Really a great start.

The other items followed, Shark’s Fin Gow, Har Gow (shrimp dumpling), Siu Mai (pork dumpling), Char Siew Bow (bbq pork bun).

The Shark’s Fin gow, though not brimming with sharks’ fin, did have more than a few strands in each piece and was suprisingly light and the filling loose. The siu mai had a distinct and succulent flavor and was springy in texture, yet not at all chewy our tough. The har gow was excellent. Again, the shrimp were cooked just right. We finished with delicious custard filled honey bees, cute and delicious.

Custard filled honeybees

Superstar Seafood has several branches throughout Hong Kong. If you travel there, it’s well worth eating there.