Space bags are awesome!

ITW Space Compressible Bag BRS-9212ZG Vacuum-Seal Travel Roll Bags, Set of 4

Here’s something I use all the time. (ok I admit, my wife uses them when she helps me pack, lol! It helps eliminate the air and keeps my shirts and pants nice and tight so I can pack more in a smaller suitcase. Large suitcases are cumbersome and hard to fit in the Asian taxi’s I’m prone to take, especially the propane powered taxis! Take a look at this. Here’s a clip from Amazon on it:
Ideal for business travelers, road trippers, and families on vacation, this set of four vacuum-seal bags helps create up to twice as much storage space, whether in a suitcase or backpack or in a closet, ready and waiting for the next trip. To use, simply add the items to be stored and, starting at the zippered end, roll the air out through the one-way valve to “shrink” the items stored inside. The bags not only compress bulky items for more compact storage, but they a (more…)