Report: Food of Singapore

I love Singapore. Although in general, it’s as expensive day-to-day as vacationing in the United States, it’s truly a wonderful place. Low crime, clean (really clean!) streets, and some of the nicest people in the world.

What really rocked my boat, though, is the food. I love hawker food and certainly Singapore has some of the best hawker food to be found.

As a diverse multi-cultural society, the food there runs the entire gamut.

Highly recommended: Broiled stingray, chilli crab, pontain wonton noodles, dumplings, prawn noodles, and laksa.

Broiled stingray: Not like eel, not quite like fish, it’s different but not strong flavored. The flesh is a great consistency and flavor and the sauce is just delicious.

Chilli Crab: Also delicious.

Pontain Wonton Noodles: The noodles are fresh, never soggy, crisp but cooked, and not a  hint of the ammonia aftertaste that you get once in a while with Hong Kong style egg noodles. Graffiti does an excellent job and it’s dirt cheap! Figure about three dollars for the breakfast special.

Dumplings: There was a shop in Katong that had a wide variety of them. They were pretty good, though if I recall, a lot more green onion than the Chinese dim sum.

Prawn noodles: Yummy soup noodles that you can get different with different ingredients, usually prawn is where you start.

Curry Laksa: Although it’s origins are often attributed to Hindi or Persian roots, wherever the source, it’s certainly found a happy home in Singapore.

I encourage travelers to try the varied cuisine available when visiting Singapore, and as always be bold and have a better trip!