Hotel Review: Adelphi Suites – Bangkok, Thailand

We recently stayed at the Adelphi Suites in Bangkok. Although not as large as the Amanta Ratchada we reported on earlier, the Adelphi boasts a location closer to Sukhimvit right next to the very central Nana station.

We found the room well appointed and the service excellent.

Here’s the video presentation of our room:

Overall, it was great. There are some pros and cons that should be considered before you go, however. (continue reading…)

Here’s my list of pro’s and con’s.

+ Location, excellent
+ Overall condition of hotel, excellent
+ Lobby & room staff, excellent

– Wireless router near room was not plugged in (ceiling mounted & power supply wire appeared to be missing), so no wi-fi. Bad for my iPhone, but they had an ethernet jack so we were able to plug in the netbook. Wireless spotty elsewhere in hotel.
– Service varies in cafe. Thai staff very good, but appeared to be disorganized. European guy serving omelets (perhaps he was standing in?) that day seemed “grumpy”. Most of it can be sorted out by assigning a table tag with the omelet order so people know what’s going on and the staff can efficiently find out where they go without having to ask “is this yours?” to each table.
– Water leak from ceiling near the food buffet. Dripping on the floor but also could drip onto the plate of diners walking by the line. Unacceptable, really.

For a great deal on the Adelphi Suites click HERE 🙂 The “Last Word” on the Adelphi Suites after the slideshow.

Note: a bit close to the nightlife action, so you need to decide if it’s a plus or minus for you.

The last word:

I am going to figure that they’ve fixed the ceiling leak by now (I sure hope so!) and worst case is skipping the breakfast if it’s a problem.

That being the case, there’s no reason not to stay there and I would certainly book it again.

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