Eating in the Toilet! Modern Toilet – Hong Kong (Restaurant Review)

The Modern Toilet is a cool little theme restaurant based on the concept of merging the toilet with the kitchen. Sound gross? Not really!

If you can get past the idea of chocolate ice cream purposely swirled in a toilet shaped bowl to look like a big poop, then you’re ready to have a good time. The restaurant uses toilets for seats, wash basins and bathtubs topped with glass for tables and urinals line the walls flashing playfully as a Japanese (?) poop song plays over and over again. If you suffer culture shock easily you may be feeling it is all a bit surreal by this time, but press on! The menu has a number of items including curry, hot pot, gratin, pasta, ice cream and number of other items (sample menu)

When you’re in Hong Kong, check it out, it’s across the street from the Landmark.

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