The best noodle stand in Bangkok!

I love this place. Totally. Enraptured. So much so that we’ve been here four times now, each time (after discovering it the first time) making a trek out to find it *just* for the noodles before going onwards with our other plans of the day.

What is it? It’s a noodle cart! Run by a lady and (I think) her daughter, and once, when she was away what looked like her adult son covering for her while she took a quick break.

What do they do? They make a fried bowl of seafood noodles.

Why is it special? They quickly pan fry each ingredient, searing in the flavor  before pouring it over a bowl of pan seared noodles.

I don’t know exactly how they attain perfection, but it’s some combination of the served right off the pan, the flavor, and the freshness of the ingredients. In the dish are fresh prawns, squid, egg, and more (actually I forgot what the more was :D) all over a bed of noodles. The serving is not huge, but it’s filling enough. The taste is fabulous!

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It costs 100 baht a bowl, which is ‘high’ for a street vendor (a single stick of mystery chicken meat by Chatuchuk market is anywhere from 1 baht to 5 baht by comparison), but it’s worth every penny, believe me. Far from expensive at roughly three dollars, you can see your money’s worth in the ingredients. Drinks are right inside the 7-11 that the truck parks next to.

They don’t speak any English here, but hand them 100 baht/person and have a seat and the rest is automatic 🙂

The photos below include some pictures to help identify the location, which are explained after the jump. Pictures were taken over the course of a couple of visits!

Detailed directions on exactly where to find the vendor after the jump.

Take the MRT to Hua Lamphong station. Once you get off, take the exit and head towards Chinatown. The rest is pretty straightforward if you follow the directions below.

If you get lost & decide to jump into a tuk-tuk or taxi it’s at Thanon Yarawat Soi 1

Below you’ll find the map. On the map are pictures taken from the viewpoint of the food stand. You can use it for getting your bearings.

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Below are the directions from the MRT station to the food cart. Click HERE to go directly to the google map.

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