Gear: Cree Flashlights

I’ve got a couple of Cree lights, including this retrofit that I’ve installed in a larger flashlight.

I’m prompted to write this post because I was at Costco (South San Francisco, CA) yesterday and saw that they had a 2 pack of AAA based Cree lights at a price of 2 for $15.00 … amazing how cheap they’ve gotten. They were rated at 160 lumens. Not bad and saves time vs. ordering from dealextreme. This was in store only (and not on the website. I checked!) so your mileage may vary.

Costco also had solar powered LED flashlights (much lower light output) and a few other flashlights including a maglite set.

If you have an older maglite and are looking for an excellent LED bulb upgrade, I highly recommend this excellent unit here:
TerraLUX TLE-6EXB MiniStar5 140 Lumens Extreme LED Replacement Bulb for 2-3 C&D Cell MagLites