Destination: Ban Phe, a sleepy town along the coast, and gateway to Koh Samet.

The drive from Pattaya/Jomtien to Wat Khao Sukim & the nearby Namtok (waterfalls) in Chanthaburi wasn’t particularly grueling, but it was long. Having a car, if you can deal with the stress (and risk) of driving in a foreign country allows opportunities. One is to discover things quite accidentally.

As I was driving along the main road, I was feeling a bit tired and decided to stop for a nice cold drink. I saw the signs pointing to Ban Phe, so I turned and was very pleasantly surprised by a quiet little town, clean and pretty, with many shops selling all kinds of bounties from the sea.

Fish, dried snacks, shell wind chimes and hangings, were all in display as I walked down the main road from where I parked to the docks.

Arriving at the dock, I found several food stalls, more snacks, and the large ticket counter with map showing Koh Samet. Round Trip to Koh Samet is a mere 100 Baht and the boats arrive and depart regularly.

It was a nice hour off from driving, but I wanted to make it to my destination for the day, so I bid Ban Phe farewell with a promise to return and travel onward to Koh Samet!

If you have the chance to spend the night on Koh Samet, try one of these hotels!