Hiking in Pacifica, California

I really love it here, even if it’s not quite warm all the time. It never gets too cold either, so I’m probably just a big wimp when it comes to weather, lol.

Today, however was beautiful and I went hiking and took some photographs, shot some video, and tested out the new (and inexpensive!) Audio Technica Lavalier Microphone. I’m about to sit down and edit footage, so I’m hoping it all came out ok.

One thing I’ll note, though, is the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack is really living up to what I was hoping for in terms of strength and comfort. It’s safely packing my photo and videoload out up and down hills, paths, rough trail, and scrambling over rocks with no problem.

Ken with Maxpedition bag above Rockaway Beach

I hope to have that new movie up for you soon!

Now, for hiking information. There’s a terrific site called bay area hikes. (http://www.bahiker.com)

They’ve got a couple hikes listed in Pacifica and I highly recommend heading over to their site for details and photos.

Mori Point at Bay Area Hiker

Milagra Ridge at Bay Area Hiker

Waterfall Loop, San Pedro Park at Bay Area Hiker

Hazelnut Trail, San Pedro Park at Bay Area Hiker

Valley View Loop, San Pedro Park at Bay Area Hiker

I recommend all of them. As you head to San Pedro Park, it may not look like much, but once you enter, you’ll find the park goes well up into the valley. Be prepared! Wear appropriate clothes and bring what you need (water, hat, etc…) It can get hot and dry up on the trails!

I also recommend, if you prefer a walk or nice jog, to park at Pacifica State Beach and go for the walk or run from the South end of the path all the way north to past the quarry and back again.

If you’re ready for some light hiking, then you’ll find a trail on the north end of Rockaway Beach that leads up to the bluff over the quarry. It’s nice up there, but do take care, as the rocks are loose and people have fallen and suffered death or serious injury hiking bluffs over the beach (good warning on any bluff over any beach, I suppose). Also check to make sure you’re not wandering out of bounds before you go.

Pacifica is an easily accessible, gorgeous piece of the Northern California Coastline.

– All the best!

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