Moo cards, neat!

I just received an order of Moo cards. The business card sized sampler was a “freebie” by Moo & YouTube and the out of pocket total was about six dollars for shipping. Ordering was easy, using the website simple, and the delivery of the cards fast.

What is really neat about the Moo Cards is that you have one full color front, and each card can have a different full color back. I did a short video of appreciation for a really nice deal. Because I go through so few cards (most everything I do is online 🙂 ), I think I can spring for these when I need cards. The quality is certainly as good as any cards I’ve ordered for my other business needs.

The thing that is SUPER cool about this, is the ability to have 50 different pictures on 50 different cards. So think outside the box. Don’t just use them for business. Take your 50 best photos from your last trip and make a set of cards. It’s different, it’s small, but you can drop the box in your pocket and take it to show your family. They don’t have to wait turns and can pass the cards around to see. Neat!

Anniversary or gift? Shoot or get together a bunch of your old photos and make a set. So many possibilities.

Final Verdict: Thumbs up, Moo Cards!

You can find them here:
SHOW OFF! Design a portfolio in your pocket!

Update: I like the cards SO much I went and got affiliate with them so that I could offer you a direct link. It’s very much “me”. When I find something I like and believe is good value and a good product, I want a relationship with them. 6.20.2010