Sights and sounds: A tuk-tuk ride in Chiang Mai (เชียงใหม่)

You’ve heard the good and bad about riding in tuk-tuks.

In fact, I generally avoid them when in Bangkok. It’s hard to find a decent one that’s not out to divert you to a tourist trap in exchange for a head hunter fee. They do it for the commission. Don’t feel like you’re doing them a favor taking a ride so they can get a gas voucher. They play that up so you’ll help them out. Really they’re in it for the kickback they get if you buy something. Now, if you have time and don’t mind overpaying for things, then by all means knock yourself out 🙂 I’m just giving you the heads up in advance.

Back on topic, we rode in the tuk-tuk in Chiang Mai and i was pretty pleased. The ride was straightforward. Fee demanded was as we agreed on prior to boarding. No side stops etc… In other words, legitimate transportation, yay 😀

In the video, you can see us passing along one side of the moat which separates the center city from the rest of Chiang Mai. As we pass the moat and one of the gates you’ll see a street market. In the same area, the strip along the moat, is an excellent area with many food stands in the evening. It doesn’t take much to eat well in Thailand!