Pacifica to Half Moon Bay on a Kawasaki Vulcan Classic LT – GoPro HERO HD Test Footage

The fog broke so I thought i’d take an hour to ride out to Half Moon Bay and back. Just another leisurely cruise. I stuck the suction mount of the GoPro Hero onto my Speedometer on the tank of my Vulcan (it was nice and flat and centered), which worked out ok. I’m not sure if I like my windshield in the way, though. Next test I might try on the fender or else remove the windshield. The sound was ok. It sounded a bit more ‘pop’py than the first video. I played around with the speed a little bit at the end.

Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod. This is the latest version, GoPro HERO3+: Black Edition

This video edited on an Mac. (I could not open a large MP4 file in Vegas on my PC but iMovie handled it fine. It’s supposedly a “known issue” that they are working on). The PC with Vegas seems to process the video MUCH faster, but I really like the effects and the results in iMovie too. Maybe I’ll have to edit more movies in iMovie.