The Body Show, Singapore (Part 1, with video!)

In their own words:

Imagine if you could take a look inside yourself
and get to see what only surgeons and scientists normally see. Imagine if you
could be motivated enough into taking responsibility for the personal health
choices that you make everyday. Well now you can with an international
exhibition that allows you to have a deeper understanding of your body’s form
and function and a stronger appreciation of the small changes to your lifestyle
that can have a long-term effect on the uniqueness of your individual body.

The show, which uses Polymer Impregnation to preserve human bodies, then skins them, peels, them splays them or otherwise opens them up to reveal the inner workings of the human bodies hopes to show visitors how the human body works. They do so in a very interesting way, as the bodies that are preserved can stand at room temperature and can be touched.

The show was generous enough to allow us to take photographs and video with no restrictions, which was a treat for us.

Here’s a video of the highlights of our visit to The Body Show in Singapore.

The show is a traveling show and is currently set to open in Jakarta, Indonesia. There are similar shows by another company in different parts of the world, as well.

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