Hotel Review: Baiyoke Sky Hotel – Bangkok, Thailand

I stayed at the Baiyoke Sky in the fall of 2009. I’ve been back a few times, including just this past summer, to eat at the sky tower and not much seems to have changed.

In this review, I’ll separate the hotel from the restaurant. Summary and follow up comments after the video.


You can find more information on the hotel here and here

The hotel is in a convenient location for shopping at Pratunam and Platinum and the surrounding area. It’s far less convenient if you prefer to hang out along Sukhimvit or along the sky train line.

Tip: If you ride a taxi back to the hotel make sure it’s clear to the driver that you want the Baiyoke Sky or Baiyoke Tower II. Otherwise the driver may take you to the Baiyoke Suites, Baiyoke Boutique or some other destination.

(keep reading for an in depth review, and video of the flooded streets! gnarly!)

The room I stayed in was spacious, but a bit run down. The carpet had stains and spots, some of them seemed fairly large, and the desk was all scuffed up, with the laminate peeling or scratched off. As I was setting up my laptop, a cockroach ran across the table right in front of me. I killed it, then made a bit of a critical video highlighting the roach and what other deficiencies I saw that day. The windows also were troublesome. After the rain the windows were completely opaque. It seemed like double pane windows that had lost their seal, but honestly I’m not a window guy so I don’t know. All I can tell you is that the window were “all fogged up” and were opaque and I wasn’t able to wipe them clear from the inside. Of course, that defeated the purpose of having a great upper floor view. The room just had an unkempt run down overly humid feeling to it. On the positive side, the bathroom was remodeled, neat and clean and the entryway had all of the expected accoutrements such as hot water maker, coffee and tea packs, refrigerator, and a room safe.

Going up to the top is also a mixed review, but much better in this case. The minor low points are the lack of upkeep of the paint on the concrete floor and general dinginess of the stairwells. The open air caged sky view affords you a chance to be at the highest point in Bangkok and can afford spectacular views, weather permitting. The rotating restaurant, which serves a buffet dinner every night, is worth the trip. The buffet is top notch, using fresh ingredients and taking great care in the quality of the food preparation. The Tom Yum Kung is so good that locals will not only recommend it, but go to the restaurant just to get a bowl full.

I commented in the initial video about the deep water there. It drains in about half an hour or so.. I had gone as far as I could up the block and realized I wasn’t going anywhere without going knee deep in water so I thought I’d delay an hour to give the water time to drain.

Although I won’t be staying at the hotel again, this might work for a person who wants to spend a day or two shopping in the Pratunam area. It would be convenient in that you could walk, shop, drop off bags and shop some more.

If you’re a fashionista or a shopaholic, or if you just want to stay in Bangkok’s tallest building, then you can find the best prices here and here

Restaurant and Sky Tower

The view is stunning. The sky deck, though it could use a bit of sprucing up, grants one of the most impressive views of Bangkok available.

The restaurant I heartily recommend to everyone. In fact, if it is your first time to Bangkok, put it on your “must do” list for one night. It’s a nice experience, the food is good and the view unforgettable. I like it so much, I have been back to the restaurant a few times and will continue to go there in the future.

Tip: If they have the special, or multi-pass (restaurant, sky deck, observation lounge) then go for it.

Final comment: Pictures on the internet don’t reflect what I saw when I stayed there, however some reviews seem to support my observations (particularly regarding cockroaches) so it is possible that there is currently a dichotomy and your experience may be determined by whether you are in a renovated room or in an old room.