An interesting place to stay: Rider Resort (Bangkok, Thailand)

It was my last day in Thailand. It was already mid-afternoon and I wanted to square away accommodations near the airport instead of driving all the way into Bangkok, as I would be leaving very early in the morning and had to return a rental car. Driving in the morning rush hour in Sukhimvit on the last trip was enough to dissuade me from wanting to do that again.

I was looking for a place near the airport, but also within walking distance of something to do. I drove towards Bangkok briefly and took a random exit that looked like it was near shopping. Good choice, it turns out, as I ended up finding Rider Resort right next to Seacon Mall.

Sometimes I’m just in the mood for “different” and Rider Resort certainly fit the bill.

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A very pleasant place, it’s decorated in a blend of Balinese and Thai architecture, creating a peaceful environment. The rooms have a rich dark wood decor and from my window I could look down into the outdoor area of the restaurant as well as out to the water.

This is the view of the water from my window.

Inside there’s a bar and if I recall, pool tables.

One quick picture and you’ll get a sense of the room. It was not too large, nor was it too small. I’d say it feels like an average, adequate room, which may be feeling it’s age. At the same time, it was clean and neat and the staff seemed nice enough.

What makes the hotel different, even special, is that it is not just a nod to motorcycle riders, but an actual biker resort. There are many riding clubs in Thailand and judging by the news and events listed on their website they are very involved with the motorcycle scene. There’s even a motorcycle shop as you enter the property.


Seeing the motorcycles and thinking of how cool it was that they (and the sport) had it’s own little place I felt like I was missing something without my motorcycle there! I swear, one day if I go on a long enough trip, I may just ship my motorcycle over and go for a road trip 🙂

Safety Tip: Be careful, especially in the evening if you choose to walk back down the soi from the shopping mall. There are several small dogs that run in a pack and they can get a bit aggressive. If you have something in your hand (branch, umbrella) to wave around they’ll retreat, but be aware you may be in a position to scare them or suffer a dog bite.

If you’re interested in this hotel, you can find their website here: Rider Resort.
Please note that I have no affiliation with this hotel and only provide their link as a service to my readers.

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