Shelves empty at many stores as locals anticipate floods. Bangkok, Thailand

The 7-11 is piled high with sandbags, as are buildings here.

We saw many businesses close early and begin piling sandbags on their metal doors. In one case the employees were caulking around the doors in order to create a seal. I also remember seeing a Toyota Prius pulling out of a garage from a rubberized tarp cocoon, which when pulled up around the car would cup the car as if it was sitting in a plastic bag.


Outside another 7-11 was this sign, warning and apologizing that products were limited.

Inside, many shelves were empty. Mostly food items, particularly canned items were gone.

Some of this may be due to what some media are calling “panic buying”, but I prefer to think of as last minute preparedness. I feel if you empty the shelves of canned goods, you may end up wasting some money on things you might not have bought otherwise, but if you really are cut off from food you’ll be eating. The person who waits for the food to be cut off before going to the market will face the empty shelves.

That said, right now, the streets here in the Ratchada area of Bangkok is dry and the restaurants have food (three course dinner plus two drinks for 200 baht for the two of us, yay!) and things are just fine.