Thai Flood Update: Rachadapisek

It started raining a little while ago. Buckets. That’s not so good, as high tide peaks tomorrow. When we got back at about 8:00 PM to our hotel, there was a few centimeters of water in the street and in the parking lot maybe 5 centimeters. My waterproof Merrell Gemini Waterproof (low top hikers) surprisingly kept ALL the water out, only the tops of my socks getting wet.

As I wrote this, the rain stopped. About 1/2 hour of rain. The water’s drained now. When it rains hard, many areas back up. I posted a video a while back of what happens outside the Baiyoke Sky when it rains. The streets right in front are innundated for half an hour (and that’s normal!) until the water drains out.

More tomorrow, as it happens.