A nearly awkward situation (we were near the Royal Princess!)

Today after seeing the floods we did some mall walking. After a movie at Central (we saw Abduction, which was entertaining) and winding our way through Siam Paragon, Discovery, and eventually ending up at Siam Center, I saw a pretty, but curiously dressed girl in black come down the hall and greet a well dressed Thai guy and girl who was walking in the same direction. I also noted that the shopping mall chief of security and a guard were making a sweep through the hallway, which triggered a red flag… I wondered were they looking for someone? (I’m always like this).

She was all in black and wearing a veil, which I wasn’t sure if it was because she needed to wear a veil (mourning?) or for Halloween. Either way, it was a cute outfit on a cute gal and I thought maybe she was promoting something. I smiled, but she didn’t say hi. How strange!

Then I saw a dog running around with no leash. I thought again, how strange. Is it lost? I thought about helping get the dog, but it ran back and forth to some nice looking people. It ran away again and again I thought “gee, should I help pick up the dog and take it to lost and found?”. We passed the group within just a few feet (the hallways there are really not that wide) and I figured the dog and the group were in good hands, I’d better mind my own business.

Then I noticed the entourage. Half a dozen people in brown uniform caught up (or maybe they were there, but not so noticeable), a few in black, and a few…um…lower profile people whose opsec I shall respect. The lady in white bent down and was petting the dog and saying nice things to it and the entourage secured an area around the lady in white. I happened to be standing next to a very official gentleman in a blue uniform which I think might have been dress blues with Royal Thai Police on it somewhere.

I asked, which I suppose in retrospect was very uneducated of me, the man in blue was there a famous person they were escorting? He responded it was the Royal Princess. WOW! COOL! I asked which one, clearly putting the “I’m really, really not from around here” sign over my head, and he very VERY politely again answered indicating the lady in white.

I was really impressed with the entourage (probably better named as administrative and security staff?) with the grace and poise they exhibited in escorting the Princess.

In retrospect, I’m really glad I didn’t try to “help” the dog, as I have visions of being tackled to the floor!

I wish I had a chance to exchange a hello with the Princess, but it didn’t happen. Probably for the best as I would have not known what to do… Do I wai? wave? what’s the protocol? A photo would have been really wonderful too, but it didn’t happen and I don’t think ever will 🙂

That’s the closest I’ve ever been to royalty…and it was cool.

All respect to the Royal Family of Thailand.

p.s. the girl in the black (costume?)…never did figure out who she was. maybe she was a representative from the shopping mall?