Thai Flood: Chinatown Bangkok Flooded Oct. 30, 2011

We ventured to Chinatown this morning in hopes of getting a bowl of ‘the best noodles in Bangkok‘. We were surprised encountering instead, flooded streets and overflowing water running into the Krung Kasem Canal. We weren’t surprised so much that it was flooded, as it was predicted that the Chao Phraya would overflow, it was just one of those “we were just here and it was fine” feelings. So we grimaced.


Here’s my YouTube video. Don’t forget to keep reading as I have many additional photos below!

As you can see in the photos, water everywhere.

Here you can see that the canal has plenty of “room” for the runoff.

Parallel to the canal, a small street, which led me to believe that the flooding wasn’t that bad…

Until I saw the crowd a short block away. I went to the bridge they were standing on and wow!

These were not abandoned streets. Thai authorities were there and were helping maintain order as well as doing what they could to help people.


A local was explaining what he could to some confused tourists. He was telling them that they hoped to have the water all drained in about 4 hours. There’s no way for me to know how accurate it was, as he was a guy off the street and was not wearing a uniform.

Later we went to Sukhimvit where there were still, no flooding problems.