Eating Cambodia – Round 1

Yes. Devouring Cambodia. Sights, sounds, smells and all.

We took a trip to the Russian Market in the hopes of finding some 3XL clothes for me and met with some success. A couple shirts and one pair of silk drawstring pants later (hey, that’s all they had!), we found ourselves in the wet market area and saw just beyond, a few food stalls.

We made our way over to one and ordered up a couple cokes. Cokes here come in the smallish bottles and are about 80 or 90 degrees to the touch. Possibly hotter as it felt hotter than my hand and… well it was warm. They came with glasses filled with finely cracked ice, which was able to cool it down to a pleasantly cool drinking temperature.

I saw a pot, a basket of noodles, a bowl with sliced banana blossoms and some other vegetables so I figured, hey why not?! and ordered a bowl. She wasn’t sure what I wanted, so I drew an imaginary circle around the items, finishing with my finger pointed at the noodles and said “one” with a smile. That did the trick and we were served a bowl. It turned out to be a meat soup with a very light curry flavor to it, over the fine rice noodles and vegetables. Banana blossoms are great.

It was very good and if I can figure out exactly what it’s called, I’ll go home and try making it.

One last look at the noodle stand. I really should have held more still for this.

Lunch: 2 cokes & a bowl of noodles: about $1.60. Amazing, since everything else here has been quite expensive with coke in cans on the street costing $0.75 and at the hotel $1.50!

Food in our bellies, we were ready to head back and veg a bit.