Random: Clean showers smell clean.

The warm water was splashing off my body and I was enjoying the smell of The 252’s hotel bath soap, jasmine scented liquid in a small ceramic pump bottle and I had a thought. It wasn’t just the jasmine that I was enjoying. It was the wonderful unscented water of Phnom Penh’s tap water (perhaps pre-filtered by the hotel, I don’t know).

At our last hotel in Bangkok, we stayed throughout the flood and it seemed apparent that the news reports of declining water quality were true. Advisories had gone out from the government for residents to make sure to boil the water. Television news showed some residents who had chunks of green stuff settling in their kitchen sinks after running the water. I didn’t see any scum, but each day I remember the water smelled a bit more and more like sewage, to the point where I began to wonder if I would smell clean after a shower or if I would smell like I had just climbed out of the sewer.

Of course those thoughts passed in a millisecond, as concern for the devastation and displaced people in Thailand were of greater concern.

Still, this morning I had time to pause, and as I enjoyed the simple pleasure of a clean jasmine soap scented shower, consider the luxury of clean water.