A nasty surprise.

True Story

I had dropped a few memory cards under the table. As I reached around, i found memory cards and something bumpy. I thought it might be a blister pack for some pain reliever or something so I picked it up in the dimly lit corner.

I felt around it with the fingers of both hands. I felt the smooth, hard surface, the bumps, and there was a bump on the end. The end broke off in my fingers. “what?” I wondered. With one hand I fumbled around for the light switch.

Turning the light on I could now see clearly what I had been fondling with my fingers. An inch and a half long, and a bit over half an inch wide. Smooth, black, bumpy….and I held it’s head between my fingers.

Yes. Dead cockroach. I tossed it in the garbage thinking I’d just handle it calmly, no drama. It wasn’t until the smell hit me that I had to resist the slight urge to gag. Cockroaches smell pretty terrible. I had to wash my hands three times. If I had gasoline I would have washed with that first hah hah. Later, I found his friend too.

But don’t let that gross you out too much to read about this interesting hotel. In spite of my minor incident, I stayed at the Sabai Resort a total of nine days and found many positives to report.