Recent Memories: Bangkok during the flood.

One of the things that impressed me most on this last trip was not the flood itself, but the outpouring of care and assistance that the Thai people poured out to those in need. Many small shops were closed with simply written notes in Thai “gone to fight flood”. One sign said in English, “We cannot stand by and do nothing, we have closed to go help with flood relief.” Donation centers were everywhere. The news, for better or worse, was focused on the flood 24/7. In many of the shots, you could see volunteers from small business, from large corporations, the government, various parties, shirts of all colors, and the military.

What would it take for us to break the “I’ve got to work” way of thinking and drop everything to help our fellow countrymen?

If you felt a “hey dummy, I’ve got bills to pay” come to mind, then that’s exactly the button I was pushing. To be honest, I’m not sure what it would take for me to drop everything, but it’s a good question to wrestle with.