Ever have a “Doh! I’m an idiot!” moment?

I remember when I was totally gung ho for SCUBA diving. I get like that. I find something I like and then I go all out on it. I bought myself gear, including among everything else, flippers. For some reason I always hated the flippers. I just couldn’t get them to be comfortable and they would cut into the top of my feet.

They were uncomfortable, they felt too hard, and I couldn’t imagine why they kept cutting into my feet. Eventually, I used them less and less. Then after returning from my last SCUBA trip in Thailand, I was going through and cleaning my gear and I noticed something… I reached around inside the flipper and had an “Well, I’ll be darned!” moment. I pulled, and out popped a piece of plastic. Yep, the plastic they use to keep the flippers in shape so they look nice when you buy them.

What the heck? All those years and somehow I never thought to check for that. Boy, I’m an idiot! 😀