Preparing for disaster.

Traveling, I’ve been in countries hit by monsoons, floods, and political unrest. What I’ve found is that you can’t always count on things to keep running. Taking that lesson home, I’ve got a few weeks of food and water in case of disaster. Where I live, that is most likely going to come in the form of an earthquake… the proverbial “Big One”.

One key element to survival is water. In my case, I have a 55 gallon water storage unit. The Shelf Reliance® BPA Free 55-gallon Barrel Water Storage System. It comes with water preserving chemicals and a pump and wrench. It’s handy, and reasonably priced, but it can be hard to move in an emergency so it’s really just “bug-in” protection.

Today I saw an even nicer implementation that allows more flexible storage layout, and easy portability. In case you have to pack up and leave, you can easily load water into your vehicle. In case you need to share some water, you have handy 3.5 gallon units. Best of all they are reusable so every few years (5 years shelf life is what my shelf reliance system suggests) you can change out the water without wasting the containers. Check out the WaterBrick Water Container 3.5 Gallon BPA Free Portable and Stackable

For travellers, don’t forget: a few bottles of water and a couple granola bars can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

If you’re really tight on space, you can even get creative with it.  The important thing is to have food and water. Whether you’re at home in your own country, an ex-pat, or a traveler, be prepared.