An oasis in Chiang Mai, Thailand – Shewe Wana Suite Resort

We stayed recently at the Shewe Wana Suites Resort in Chiang Mai. It is mated with it’s other half, the Shewe Wana Boutique Resort which is a seperate wing on the same larger property.

I’ve done a video of our very impressive one bedroom suite above.

The Shewe Wana was one of the highlights of our time spent in Chiang Mai. Truly an oasis within the city, once inside it’s rather humble entrance, the world seems to open up to chirping birds, lush greenery and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. If I had to pick one hotel to be stranded in, I wouldn’t complain being stranded here. The suite is huge, the details from the wood floors to the extra large soak tub are exquisite, and the service is friendly and efficient.

Picture below: You’d never guess how lovely it is inside!

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Staff test: We accidentally locked our safe with an errant key stroke or two and were unable to unlock it. They came and opened it for us, no problem, no worries, great attitude.

They even boast a nice little herb garden. I believe their kitchen uses these fresh herbs in their cooking.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We really enjoyed our stay at the Shewe Wana and would love to stay there again. For more information on the hotel, please take a look here or here.