Food stand scavenger hunt in Bangkok

The last time I was in Bangkok my wife and I were armed with this great book: Bangkok’s Top 50 Street Food Stalls. We were looking forward to playing a game where we would “eat our way across Bangkok”. The idea was to go to the top places in the book, trying to hit all the food stalls over the course of a week or two. Now, to do this, we knew we needed to only snack-snack at each place.We would order one bowl of noodles and split it, then move on to the next place, getting just a stick or two of meat-on-a-stick. You get the idea, I’m sure! (cont…)


Unfortunately, our plans were interrupted by the devastating flood situation which created quite a bit of chaos in Bangkok – even in areas not hit by flood. Chinatown, which was flooded to knee deep levels for a few hours a day at one point virtually shut down. The shops were closed, and in fact, many of the workers and owners of those shops were off in the more distant parts of greater Bangkok helping others who were in even greater need. It was truly a chaotic experience*.
2011-10-30 10.31.57

That said, I still think it’s a fun way to see more of the city and hope to do it the next time we’re in Bangkok.


If you’re even thinking about going to Thailand, you’ll love this book. The introduction has description and pictures of the different kinds of food, then goes on to tell you about the top 50 food stalls, complete with maps, helpful information to help you find the stall, and information about the food along with other tips.

Enjoy your travels and have a wonderful experience!


* and we want to express our sympathies with those who suffered loss during this period.