The iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII, and the new Apple EarPods

I just got back from the Apple Store. I had a problem develop on my 4S where the volume up button would stick from virtually no pressure and make the volume climb and keep pegged up (as if you kept a finger pushing the up vol. button constantly). Turned out it was a 2 min fix they did right in the store. If anyone has a wonky up volume key and you’re sure it’s hardware, then I encourage you to go get this done sooner than later. It’s a “known issue” and they fast to fix it no questions asked.

Apple EarPods

Played around with an iPhone5 in the store and still have mixed feelings about it. The screen is, predictably, beautiful, and the form factor isn’t bad,considering you’re getting the equivalent screen real estate of another row of icons. There was also a floating dot that was a swipe that opened sub menus that was interesting. my bottom line assessment was if I was rocking my 3GS, it’d definitely be compelling to upgrade. I am currently using my 4S, so I think it’s not worth the early trade up charge, and frankly not sure it’d be worth $399 to go from the perfectly fine 4S to the 5.

I also stopped by the ATT store and was playing around with the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Functionally it’s an android phone. If you have an android device, you’re familiar with the OS. The phone is clearly made with a different vision. The Samsung has more plastic and feels it, but at the same time it’s lighter and would probably be more comfortable to hold than a heavier metal and glass device of the same size. Speaking of size, you have to wonder if Apple and Samsung are squaring up like a couple little boys at a urinal. The Samsung is getting very close to “not in my pocket, you don’t” size. If you’re a man-bag kind of guy or a purse carrying lady then it may be a non-issue, but for front pocket phone it’s getting quite big. /cue mae west.

Both the Apple and the Samsung devices are nice, just quite different.

Last thing. The new Apple EarPods. Slam dunk. they’re great. I have problem getting earphones that fit and have bought, seriously, more than a half dozen trying to find the right fit. These fit great, partially because instead of forcing themselves INTO my ear, they use the natural curves to just sit in there and manage to do so pretty well for me. Because they don’t squeeze into my ear canal, they should be more comfortable for those long air flights too. If they don’t block out the airplane noise enough, I still have my Sennheiser Noise-Canceling Headphones. Bottom line: I’ve been listening to the while writing this post and so far I think they’re the best earphones I’ve bought in the $30 range ever.