A lovely sight I’d like to see more of. Tended beaches.

Laem Sing beach in Chanthaburi really has it’s act together. It has a nice pathway from Natural Beach Resort to the dock area, complete with bike paths. The town has a nice, clean, quaint feel to it, and it’s more than just a feeling.

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I woke with the sun painting the beach with a golden glow and a happy team of service persons cleaning the beach. Why, you might ask, am I making a big deal about this? It’s because many beaches don’t look like this. Many of the smaller beaches, particularly working fisheries are covered in garbage. Whether it is the fisheries, the communities, or it washes up from the ocean, I don’t know. Personally, on some of the better known umbrella covered tourist beaches elsewhere in Thailand, I’ve seen not only tourists, but even the families of the umbrella vendors litter their own areas.

The simple fact is that in many areas it’s unsightly and unsafe. In contrast, a beach like Laem Sing, pictured above sparkles like a jewel. They seem to really “get it” there and understand that a beautiful beach will draw the traffic that in turn will grant them prosperity. I wish them well in this.

If you’re curious to learn more about Laem Sing beach, the community has it’s own website at LaemSing.com

If you are interested in the Natural Beach Hotel you can find out more HERE.