Korean Boy Bands hot in Thailand.

I was at the airport today (yes, tragically a day earlier than I was supposed to be, lol) and ran across a large group of university students waiting above arrivals. I asked one who they were waiting for and she told me a Korean Boy Band. It turned out to be (I’m told B2ST – Pronounced Beast).

They arrived, there was massive screaming, a quick wave, and they were out the door.

And yes, I was the only middle aged guy taking a photo of them. Hopefully I didn’t look too much like a paparazzi.

Ah, the life they must have… looks fun 🙂

I’ve actually been fortunate. Not long  ago in the same airport I saw Thai artist Chin arrive to adoring fans.

Funny thing was a few days later, I saw B2ST again, this time at the famous MBK shopping mall, participating in a fan appreciation day. Fans could get within arm’s reach and spend time talking with the stars.