The best laid plans set back by an “oops!”

I planned this trip well in advance, about a half year, carefully booking rental scooters, rental cars, plane tickets, and hotels. I had a brief three nights with no planned hotel and that was for my walkabout.

I’m not sure if it was because this was the first time I went traveling without a watch, or if it was because I was tired, or what, but somehow, strangely, my transition on the 13th from Central Thailand to North East Thailand mutated in my mind to the 12th. If I was asked when I was going, or how long I was staying where I was, I kept saying the 12th. It stuck in my mind. It stuck to the point that I found myself standing in front of the agent at Thai Airways trying to figure out why she couldn’t find my reservation for my flight…yes…a day early 🙁

After going around and around a bit, she finally noticed that my confirmation was for the 13th. Tomorrow here. She circled it. I /face palmed. After mulling my options and kicking myself for burning a car rental day. I decided to jump in a taxi and head to Bangkok. I find the Ratchadapisek area to be a good value, both in location and price. Last year during the flood, my wife and I stayed in the Park Residence Hotel. I went there without a booking and arranged a room for 1200 baht.

I’m sitting here now and using the wifi. I’ll probably get dinner at the restaurant downstairs. The food is good and they usually have a live band.

I made a mistake and wasted a day (time wise) and a day (car rental wise) but the day’s going to end just fine.

Silly me 🙂