Best small flashlight and pen for travel.

I just got back from over five weeks abroad and noticed that I used one gadget over and over again on my trip. Whether I was looking for something in my pack in the dark, or checking the bill at the nightclub, the Streamlight Nano Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight came in handy time and time again. I carry several flashlights, including a couple of these: Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light, but I really like that Streamlight Nano. I put it on a parcord lanyard and hung it around my neck in the evenings. When I was on the plane, I also clipped on my Inka Pen.

The pen was really handy for filling out paperwork like departure cards and customs declarations. It writes easily due to it’s pressurized ink cartridge. The only caution I’d have is to make sure the pen is screwed on tight. I dropped it once, but caught it, but could have easily lost it. I paid $20 for the pen at REI, but I found it cheaper here when I got back.

As for the flashlight, it lasted the entire trip without any problems. The tried and true screw on and screw off power and the bulletproof metal construction make for a strong and durable light. The light beam is clean and the light is white and bright. It’s also tiny, very tiny. I can’t recommend it enough. You can get one here, for about the same cost as some of the plastic lights.