It’s not indestructible, but it’s tough!

I hope everyone has had a good holiday season so far. My family celebrates Christmas, here, and I got a couple gifts I’m really pleased with and wanted to share them with you. The first is my new iPhone case.

I do all sorts of traveling  from resorts and nice hotels (actually ‘budget nice’ usually lol), going out to the province on a farm, or even camping. I like my gear to be ready to go for everything from clean streets to grimy streets to dusty unpaved roads. So I like protection. My last iPhone case was breaking. I actually had to trim off part of it with a toenail clipper while on my last trip. Wanting to treat myself to a better case, I gifted myself the Magpul Field Case in foliage green. It comes in several other colors including black. I picked green so it can stand out in a pile of phones. It runs under $10 on Amazon, with free shipping.

The case arrived today and I’m very pleased.

A quick description with a few photos and it should help you to decide if it’s the case for you.


It’s a simple case with a few button extensions and deep holes for the charger, speaker holds, headphones and the silent ring switch. The ridges help provide solid gripping points when holding your phone, and provide thicker shock points to soak up the hit when the phone is dropped. They also provide structural rigidity to the case as a whole. The case is made from the same plastic as other magpul products. If you are an owner of their ar-15 accessories (foregrip, magazines, etc…) then you know the plastic to be solid, high quality, and chemical resistant. It’s not sticky or tacky, like a silicone case, so it will slip easily into and out of pockets.

Detailed Description

First, photos of the front and the back. As you can see, the front is completly open. The case provides a slight lip, so if the phone is face down on a table the glass will not rest on the surface. The back is pretty straightforward, as shown.


On the top, you’ll find a power button extension,  pressing it feels fairly firm,but it works well. On the other side is the hole for your earphone. It fits the headphone plug for the iPhone earbuds, the new earpods, and other slim plugs without any problem. If you use a headphones or earphones that have a thicker covering around the plug, it may not fit without modifying the plug or the case. There appears to be room to slighly enlarge the hole, however it may weaken the area between the hole and the front. Something to keep in mind if you think it’ll affect you.

On the side, you’ll find similar button extensions for the volume, but the mute button is allowed to sit in a recessed well. I’m finding that I like this arrangement. Unless you have really thick fingers and no nails at all it should work for you.

The bottom of the case has a pair of holes to allow sound to be heard clearly. I tested both music and the phone ringing and it doesn’t seem to have lost any volume at all. The plug hole is recessed and in a case with sidewalls this thick, seems to be a necessary evil. One of the drawbacks is immediately apparent when inserting the phone into a standard iPhone dock. The phone does not indicate charge, so it seems that the added thickness doesn’t allow the phone to fully seat in the dock. Unplugging the cable from the cradle and testing it directly, there was plenty of clearance for the cable and the phone went into charge mode immediately. If you frequently use a speaker dock or charging dock, you may find it prudent to check and make sure it works or purchase the case from a vendor with a good return policy.

All in all, it’s a good quality case, and appears to provide ample protection for a case in this style.

I also tested taking a photograph with flash and there didn’t appear to be any reflections from the case or any other issue that would detract from taking photos


Excellent quality case material, thick bumper sections, holes where they need to be. Well designed and phone fits well.


Earphone holes limit the phone to narrow to regular earphone plugs. Thick phone plugs may not fit. Charging/Data plug hole size and thickness of the case will likely prevent most docks from working with the phone.

If you’d like to check the latest prices (about $9 with free shipping at the time of this writing), click HERE.