Sak Yant Katha – The prayers or mantra that go with the Sak Yant

With the yant comes the Katha. It is a prayer or mantra that is recited in the morning and in the evening.

I am fortunate enough to have had the chance to see Ajarn Anek in Thailand many times now. The last time I was there, he allowed me to record the katha so that I could share it with people who were interested in the proper pronunciation and annunciation.

Yant Koo Poo Tong

Katha Yant Koo Poo Tong (mp3 link)

namo tasa
pakowato arahato
sama samputasat
(3 times)
matoranee jowmah oiy
yu low luey yang yu
sang ka dang
low kang koweetu
na ma pa ta
nu mu pu tu
pa ti lu bang
pu ta sahng mi
(names of buddhas)
lung pa so tawn
lung pu dam
ta ma pi to
bu lu si loi pet
bu lu si tah bai
lung bu tong
ratcha yo ta

Yant Suea (Tigers)

Katha Yant Suea (mp3 link)

Hum Hahm Ahm Ah
EE Mung Ga Lang Tha
Yu Wa Pha Wa
Nah Mo Phu Ta Yah
Nah Mah Pah Ta
Nah Mah Ah Ooh

This is a video for the short Katha for Yant Sam Sien (3 headed elephant)


For more information about Ajarn Anek, please see his website: PoodumTattoo or join Friends of Ajarn Anek on Facebook.

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You may save the mp3 to replay for personal, non-commercial use. (note: if you wish to use it for other than personal use, please ask me first so that I can pass on to Ajarn where his katha is going on the internet)


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