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A personal note from Kenneth Tin:

Hi and thanks for visiting this page. I use Agoda & myself. I’ve used them for years now.

When I began putting together a travel site to share my experiences, pictures, videos and tips, I didn’t even look to see what other partners are available for travel. I picked the one I use for myself, the one that I’d recommend to my family and to my friends. There’s a reason why. I used to use another service and for a while it seemed great. But the first time I ran into a problem it wasn’t handled well and ultimately I had to initiate a charge back in order to receive what was due to me.

Agoda, on the other hand, has been stellar in their performance. I travel a lot! In doing so, eventually something will come up that will require assistance. Case in point. I once was bumped off a flight. It was overbooked. I called Agoda, just to ask them to let the hotel know I’d be a day late. To my surprise, they not only took care of that, but requested a refund for the missed night and had that credited back to me. That’s 100%+ service to me. That’s why I selected them as a partner and present them to you. In life nothing is 100% but a business which provides both great prices & superior service are worth patronizing.

I also use Booking.Com. Sometimes I’ll find a hotel not listed on Agoda listed on Booking or a different room availability for certain dates. They’re great for more choices in budget hotels, as well as more choices in multi-room suites or serviced apartments. Both offer rooms significantly cheaper than via other sources I’ve found.

I really appreciate when you click the links or use my search boxes to find your hotels. It’s how I fund paying for my web costs.

Don’t forget, just contact me and I’ll be happy to help you find a hotel which meets your preferences. Just send me an e-mail and I’ll be in contact. Click here to e-mail me.